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Curt ‘Thor’ Kalousek’s love of the water developed from camping along the shores of the Great Lakes; drawn to windsurfing at 9, and learning to sail shortly thereafter. Not surprisingly, he eventually left the corporate life to deliver boats throughout the Great Lakes and Atlantic Coast of the United States. He has since started his own company, building wooden SUP/Surf boards while utilizing wood veneer and metal flake elements in the final design. His works are durable, handcrafted and perfect to be displayed underfoot or on the wall.
John Hans was inspired after Grandpa John; Hans being a nickname of John. John grew up during the Great Depression, later serving in WWII as a Signalman in the Pacific Theater. After the war he took some drafting classes, courtesy of the G.I. Bill, and taught himself general construction. When he wasn't working, he was around the water as much as possible; camping along the shores of Green Bay at Peninsula State Park, and eventually starting a tradition now entering its 4th generation. 
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